Welcome II
Posted on April 28th, 2007 at 3:22 am by Grave Digger

It is believed that there are alternate realities, which exist in parallel with us, different states of consciousness or being which some people call supernatural, paranormal, wicked or haunted, and others try to put them into the space of natural oddities. In any case, there is little we know for sure about them, besides the fact that many people have witnessed beings, lights, shadows, sounds, and many other things, which have no clear explanation whatsoever.

What it’s sure is that anyone who has witnessed them knows for sure that these things do not belong here, that they are Unearthly. We know how suggestion, cultural background, and even electromagnetic fields, can influence people’s perception, and how this is the primary explanation for most of the paranormal events around the world.

But there are several episodes, which still fall outside from those explanations, as we’ve found for example, that there are some beings completely different to what we’ve seen in books, pictures, movies and horror films, which haunted the sights of the people who saw them.

The Unearthly Fables are a recompilation of many of those encounters with the supernatural, told as short stories by those who lived them. Without trying to give you a final explanation on this matter, these Fables are just meant to share those moments, where people like you came in touch with things that are, literally, out of this world.

Welcome then to this new portal into the supernatural, welcome to the Unearthly Fables.

(Note: the Fables are written either in English and Spanish, depending of the source material, sorry, not direct translations yet)

Posted on April 20th, 2007 at 12:00 am by invisiblepress

Welcome to Unearthly Fables. Tales from unseen and forbidden realms.

Thanks for your visit, we hope you enjoy it…